Users can then add the database drivers, which link the application to the database systems of their choice. The port you specify must be the same port that was specified for the SequeLink service when the SequeLink Server was installed; the default is When set to 0 the initial default , the workaround is turned off. Specifies the data store password, which may be required depending on the server configuration. When set to 7 the initial default , output parameters are returned after all of the above.

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In the connection string.

Some applications always quote identifiers with double quotes. The dialog boxes that appear depend on the data store logon method configured for the SequeLink service:. The initial default is 4. Seqeulink are returned to the list of drivers. When set to 1 the initial defaultthe appropriate row is not locked.

Type the name of the file data source you want to create or click Browse to select an existing file data source; then, click Next. People who viewed this also viewed.

ODBC Connection problems

Type the name of the database to which you want to connect. Feedback Did this KB document help you? For more information about configuring authentication, refer to the SequeLink Administrator’s Guide. All connection information must be entered in the connection string because there is no data source storing the information. Type the name of a server data source to use for the connection, or select one from the drop-down list.


To configure a new data source, click the Hy0000 button.

The SequeLink Client attempts to allocate a buffer of this size, which typically fails due to lack of memory. If the database name DB contains a semicolon ;you must place the name in quotes, as shown in the preceding example. If a server data source is not specified, the default server data source for that SequeLink service is used. Sequepink Select Translator dialog box appears, listing translators specified in the ODBC Translators section of the system information file.

Specifies where the centralized odbc. Provide the following information:.

1 Using the ODBC Client

Use this option for applications that cannot handle empty strings in column names. See “Configuring the System Information File” for an explanation of the datadiredt. This attribute can also be a list of LDAP servers separated by a blank space for example, ld1. The following code shows an example of an odbc.

How to setup Filemaker ODBC client connection o | FileMaker Community

Informatica Network Knowledge Base. If not specified, the configuration of yh000 default server data source will be used for the connection. This is only valid when the rowsize is 1, but RDO uses a larger rowsize in this situation.


ODBC provides maximum interoperability-a single application can access many different database systems. If you specified a value for the attribute when configuring the ODBC data source, that value is your default. When the password has been changed successfully, the following warning is generated: The file data source will be saved after you enter the correct information in the connection dialog boxes.

Datadidect this validation fails, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the domain of the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running. If the driver does not find the file, it returns the message:.

How to setup Filemaker ODBC client connection on Mac?

If the password is not expired, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host odb name and host password. Click Next and continue with Step 5. Skip to main content.

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